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The EDI Project™ was founded in 2001 to focus on connecting complex data sources found in healthcare with the systems that need that data.  Its success in doing so can be attributed to more than its comprehensive knowledge of formats like X12 837 or HL7; it is a result of the company’s keen understanding of the data’s content and typical use, which is paramount when building a successful integration project.


Customers rely on The EDI Project™ to drop into a task and be productive immediately, and the company is nimble enough to get their important projects completed before internal resources even have the time think about a solution.  All employees of The EDI Project™ are highly experienced in healthcare and live in the United States.  Despite the speed with which we work. we continue to follow formal procedures for documentation and project management so that our customers can own the work that’s done for them.

Sometimes customers use The EDI Project™ to take over a process completely from initial design, to project management, coding, QC and implementation.  Other times, we act as a technical bench that supplements existing resources with highly specialized and productive assets in a combination of on site or off site work.  These resources might be responding to turnover on their integration staff, a one time system migration or a peak in new customer implementations.


Find out why large health insurers, healthcare technology companies and health systems around the country have come to rely on The EDI Project™ to get projects completed.



The EDI Project has been working with Actian since 2001 and completed hundreds of successful projects across the United States.

Health systems around the country are already familiar with Infor and their Cloverleaf tools. As some of these move toward the ACO model, they find themselves in need of tools and expertise to take on claims data and risk adjustment.  Together, we bridge this gap seamlessly.

The Paper Inbox is a blog that explores use of technology often related to EDI, Healthcare and Risk Adjustment

The EDI Project successfully completed a massively parallelized system for Harte Hanks to clean billions of records at a time.  We provided 100% of the services to bring this complex project to production despite at least four different software vendors contributing products.


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Reliable Integration

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